Thursday, 29 March 2012


Fear is like fire. by brthwck featuring silk shirts

I've just discovered this site called polyvore. I don't know how many, or if any, of you guys use this site but it's great. Better way of putting outfits together rather than using shitty paint (which I do cause i'm not experienced at all haha!). So yeah, here's an outfit post. Some of the things on the posts will be waaaay too expensive so I've found alternatives, just in case any of you actually love my outfit ideas, and decide to buy the things I post.


  1. I came across this recently too! Just havent got round to doing anything on it haha!

    But i could practically do this outfit :p yay! ahaa love it!

    Elizabeth x

    1. I hate you for being able to have this outfit sorted :( you just wait till I've got a job missy haha!