Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So this is Rimmel London's very own Scandal Eyes Mascara. I often like to try out different mascara's as I like to figure out which one's work best, and which ones look best! The Scandal Eyes Mascara stood out to me at first because of it's bold, neon orange glow. Upon opening up the mascara, I saw the thick brush which seemed to be covered in mascara, and this is something that I like because it means that my eyelashes will receive that 'fuller' look (which I love!). So, I bought it, and the day after I was already trying it out. It's very easy to apply, and it really does make my eye's look bold, and fuller. Over all, I shall definitely be buying this when I run out, and I will always apply it after putting on a first mascara. (just to give my eyes a little bit my 'umph'!)

You can get this from Boots, ASDA, Asos, I'd say most retailers. The price of this mascara is just £6.99, and I would say that it's definitely worth the price!

Monday, 27 February 2012


Terribly sorry that I didn't post my Sunday Wishlist yesterday! I was just busy doing I don't even remember what and I'd fallen asleep quite early! So you'll have to make do with having my 'Sunday Wishlist' on a Monday this week.

Leopard Pony Zip Boots from Dorothy Perkins. I don't know about you, but I have always been a big fan of Leopard Print. I have leopard print leggings, leopard print pj's, leopard print bed covers, everything! Not all at the same time though, otherwise I feel that my room can become a bit crowded. When I saw these boots, I instantly fell in love. They're pretty much zip up Chelsea boots, in leopard print. So these have been saved into my favorites and I shall be purchasing these as soon as I get some more money! I would pair these shoes with absolutely anything to be honest, they're definitely more casual so I'd recommend pairing them with this Rita Playsuit by Motel from Topshop. Just something plain to go with the patterned shoes, and then maybe add a black bag to match the shoes (as I always like to match things up!), so something like this Black Quilted Bag from Dorothy Perkins, and then also accessorize with a Leopard Suedette Jeans Belt, like that one, also, from Dorothy Perkins.

Just one this week, but I've got some good news, I've had a couple of interview's over the past couple of weeks, none successful, but I had a phone call from 'Subway' today (which I sent my cv off for about 2 and 1/2 months ago, so they must want me ha!) and they said that they want to see me Wednesday. So, on Wednesday I'm off to Subway to hopefully bag myself a job! In all honesty, I'd love to work at Subway until I go back to College in September, I always love myself a little cheeky subway anyway, so if you ever want one, discount's on me!

Saturday, 25 February 2012


I'm so incredibly sorry that my pictures are only webcam pictures at the moment, but my camera is broke, and I'm not getting a new one until mid next week. But i'm sure you guys can put up with a couple of webcam pictures, right?

This is just a little update on what I've been doing with myself for the past week or so. I've recently joined up to an agency called the EMBS Training Academy, and this is for Business Administration Apprenticeships, so I'm hoping to find one very soon. I did have an interview on Tuesday but unfortunately they picked somebody else. Nevermind. I shall move on and find something better i'm sure.

I've been to the gym everyday this week bar Thursday, so I'm feeling pretty fit and healthy at the moment, although I'm sure it won't last knowing me, I'm having a big Sunday Dinner tomorrow so whatever I've lost will most definitely be put back on i'm sure!

And that's pretty much it I guess. Last week, my Granddad and I had a nosey round ASDA, he bought himself some new shoes and he bought me that lovely pillow up there, it's so big and comfy, I'm going to have to invest in some more! There were loads of them, and I definitely had my eye on the Union Jack Flag pillow for sure.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


blusher: rimmel mono blusher (£3.99)

Rimmel don't actually stock this blusher anymore, but this was Rimmel's Powder Blush in Misty Rose. This Rimmel Mono Blusher is the closest possible candidate I could find to replace mine up there, and they have a small range of other blushers and bronzers too that you can find here.

I've had this blusher for quite a while (as maybe you can see because of the state it's in!) and I use it every time that I go out. I will admit that I'm not too keen on the colour, as when I apply it to my skin, it comes out as a sort of pinky colour, but then sort of like a bronze colour too. I either like a pink blusher, or a bronzer, I'm not one for the 'in between'. I will say though, that when I have my picture taken with this blusher, it does come out rather pink so that's a plus! But in person, it does look quite dull on my face, so I'm afraid that this certain colour isn't for me, but it may be (and i'm pretty sure it is) more suited for others tastes.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Here's just a little wishlist of mine at the moment, I'm thinking of doing one of these every Sunday, so you can expect a lot more of these! I've not been able to blog for a week because my laptop's been in for repair, but no need to worry, I'm back now and I'll be blogging (hopefully) pretty much every day.

#001: Cable Knit by Love from Topshop. I'm really in love with the colour of this jumper, as it's not normally (or never used to be) the kind of colour that I would normally go for when purchasing any type of clothing. Lately, I've liked to stand out a little bit so I've been going for brighter, bolder colours, and when looking through the topshop website, I came across this little gem and instantly fell in love with it. I'd most definitely pair this with a Pleated Skirt, something with a black collar, like the Black Oversized Shirt from River Island, or the ASOS Blouse With Apple And Pear Print. Then I'd top it off with a shoulder bag maybe, like the Pieces Feina Cross Body Bag in Black from Asos.

#002: Sequin Skirt Dress by Love from Topshop. I instantly adored this from the moment that I saw this. In my wardrobe, I literally have nothing remotely 'astonishing', and as soon as I saw this, I knew that I needed it to be in my wardrobe straight away. This is something that I would most probably wear on a night out, rather than out and about in town, so I'd pair this beauty with these Sicily Peep Toe Wedge Shoe's from Topshop, and this Leather Clip Crossbody Bag from Topshop also.

#003: Floral Mesh Back Flippy Dress from Topshop. When I'm looking through clothes, I always favourite the ones that I love most, and put them in a little folder for keeps just incase I get some spare money to buy them, and this was the first one that I favourited. To be perfectly honest, who wouldn't?! This is the dress of all dresses, I really adore it. I love the mesh detail on the back and over the shoulders, and I love the design of it. I think that you could wear this on a night out, and also on a perfect summer's day, made to fit all purposes. Overall, a definite yes from me. For this little number, I'd most probably pair this with a random, bold colour like a yellow/mustard or neon blue. So with this, I would wear these Suede Court Shoe's from New Look and I'd have to wear this Yellow Hinged Leather Satchel from River Island with it too, and if you can find one suitable to fit the outfit, you could add a blazer just to finish it off.

#004: Spot Flippy Dress from Topshop. When normally shopping out in the high street stores, spotty detail is far from my first choice, purely because I've never really liked the spotty kind of look, but when I saw this dress, I couldn't really just scroll past it. I've always been a big lover of the earlier years, when people like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page were still around, and this dress instantly reminded me of them, so it went straight into my little 'Favourites Folder'. I was also a bit skeptical about this at first, because I wear so much navy/blue already, i'm trying to back off it a little bit, but one more piece of blue/navy clothing couldn't hurt, could it? With this last piece, I'd pair it with these two items: these Sultry High Platform Courts (I always love a good pair of platformed heels) from Topshop, and this Cream Studded Clasp Bag from River Island.

I'm just hoping that now I've pretty much planned myself four outfits to wear for the future, I can find the money to buy all of them! A girl can only wish and hope, eh?

Thursday, 9 February 2012


A little update on how I'm doing etc. At the minute, I'm still a lazy bum. I sleep in till about 11am, wake up and get some breakfast, then lounge about the house all day everyday, but next Tuesday I have an interview for a Business Administration Apprenticeship. I am seriously praying that I get this apprenticeship because I really just want to be earning my own money, and looking after myself for once, rather than having somebody else look after me (money wise!). 

Business Administration (for those of you who don't know) is basically just organizing things for a company pretty much. I'll be the one answering the phone, making appointments, organizing events, paperwork etc. Stuff like that. It doesn't sound very interesting but I like to be quite organized most of the time, I love making lists etc so I thought that it would suit me well. The whole idea about an apprenticeship is that you learn all about the course you've chosen. It's a one year course and I'll be earning jut over £100 a week, so hopefully by the end of the course, I'll either continue to learn about it, or they'll offer me a full time job for their company.

It's a long shot away from what I originally wanted to do. When I was in college, I wanted to become a Primary School Teacher. Business and Teaching are two completely different things, but I'd still rather become a Primary School Teacher. It's not always about what you want to do, it's about what you're available to do and what's easiest to start with.


This particular product was bought for me at Christmas by a friend of the family. I didn't really touch it for a few weeks because I didn't see it necessary but mid January I picked it up, and haven't stopped using it since! This is Avon's Extra Lasting Mascara and it costs £9.00, which I would consider a lot for a mascara, but it is great for it's price. Avon do have quite a nice range of different mascara's that I'll definitely be trying out in the near future.

The brush on this mascara is quite a fine brush, and when applying to your eye lashes, it shows. Your eyelashes look fine and long and it gives them a really nice, full, natural effect (which I personally prefer rather than the clunky mascara look). I think that it's quite a treat to have in your make-up bag at all times!

I've been using this since the middle of January and I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone looking for something new to use. Once this bad boy's ran out, I'll definitely be buying some more.

Friday, 3 February 2012


So it's taken me a while to find the right type of foundation for my skin, and even now I still don't think that I'm using the right foundation. Max Factor Lasting Performance was recommended to me by a close friend who implied that the foundation was good coverage. Trying this foundation, at first I thought that it was amazing, I'd finally found a foundation that suits my needs, but after a while, it just wasn't working anymore.

I've been using this foundation for a fair few months now and to be quite honest, it's come to the stage where I'm not happy with it anymore. I need a new foundation. This weekend I'm going to scour the shops for a new foundation with full coverage (which I know most people don't like). Something that makes my skin look smooth and one-toned.

Overall, I'd say that this product is good for it's price, and it may suit other's skin, but it doesn't suit so well for mine. You can find this product in most shops, boots, ASDA, superdrug etc. Back on the look out for me!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Who are you?
My full name is Rebecca Dawn Borthwick, I'm 17 years old and I live in Derby, United Kingdom. I use 'brthwck' for every other site of mine so I had no reason not to use it for this blog.

Where are you from?
I'm currently living in a nice sized, semi-detached house in Derby with my Granddad. It really is a rubbish little town, there isn't much to it at all. We've recently had our own 'Westfields Center' built in the town center though, so I suppose this could be pin pointed as the highlight of my little glorious town.

What will your blog include?
This blog is going to have a numerous amount of things thrown at it, things such as fashion, make-up, my day to day life, just anything that I see fits. It will mostly contain images of my outfits worn over the weeks (once I've purchased some new fancy clothes!). Other than that, just daily rantings about things I want to speak about. 

And why?
I want to start this blog up because I think that I can interest people, you know? Give them something interesting to look forward to read when they get home from work, or when they wake up in the morning. I always want to keep track of the things that I achieve/do as the years go by, and I want to be able to look back at the beginning of this blog in a years time and see how much I have changed. I want people to be able to respond to some of my posts (ones about my feelings etc) also, and I want people to appreciate the time and effort I'm going to put into running this blog on a (hopefully) daily basis.

So to anybody who decides to follow me on my journey, thankyou.